Research & Genealogy

We have a research and genealogy library open to the public.  We also have some resources available to you online.  Find out more HERE.

Our Collection

Our artifacts center around Douglas County and its residents.  We provide visitors with exhibits and artifacts that explore the history of the County and give insight into what life was like in the past.

We have many artifacts here at the Museum that cover a wide variety of interests including military, medical, toys, historical clothing, housewares, organizations and clubs, art, schools, railroads, businesses and trades, farming and agriculture, radio, quilting and crafts, and many others. 

Featured ArtifactS

Collection of  Civil War era firearms and militaria

These items are on long-term loan from the Sons of Union Veterans and various private collectors.  

​G.A.R. Post 194 box

Thought to be from Arthur's post which was 194. It was found in Douglas County.